It became known how greatly decreased sales of Lada cars in the EU

Sales of new Lada cars in the EU decreased for the first 6 months of the year 2 times yoy to 1.15 thousand.

in June, sales decreased by 11.7% to 308 cars, reports PRIME, citing data from the European automobile manufacturers ‘ Association (ACEA).

Recall that on 3 June it became known that the Lada brand in Russia’s largest plant for the production of passenger cars “AVTOVAZ” has left the EU market. The reason for this decision was the tightening of environmental standards on emissions, indicated Газета.Ru with reference to the representative distributor of Lada cars in the EU and confirmation of “AVTOVAZ”.

Dealers of Europe ceased to cars Lada: the last batch was shipped from a warehouse dealer of “AVTOVAZ” in Germany in March 2020, and the new machines will be gone.

However, the group does not consider financial losses from withdrawal from the European market are significant. However, the reputational losses for Russia “AVTOVAZ” is rated as substantial. Cars of Lada brand was exported to Europe since the days of the Soviet Union and was one of the most difficult Soviet and later Russian goods.

we Add that the sales of Lada cars in Russia fell in June 2020 9% yoy to 28,020 thousand units, follows from the review of the Committee automakers Association of European businesses (AEB).

For the first 6 months of this year in Russia were sold 132,596 thousand of Lada cars (minus 24% in annual terms).

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