It became known that it is better not to eat for Breakfast

Not all products are equally useful and suitable for Breakfast. A list of what is not desirable is in the morning, was the doctors who quotes Change.

were banned muffin made with white flour, made with yeast, because it increases the flatulence and can irritate the stomach wall. It should be avoided sugar and sweets excessive load of the pancreas in the morning. Harmful on an empty stomach and yogurt, because hydrochloric acid will not miss all the beneficial bacteria.

Experts also recommend to withdraw on the morning of pears, tomatoes and citrus. The first heavy fiber, and the tomatoes, like citrus, can cause acidity and heartburn.

it is Also better to avoid in the morning cold drinks because they cool the walls of the stomach and complicate digestion, and as a result food will be digested longer.

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