It became known who set fire to the old Cathedral in the French city Nantes

the fire in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in the French city of Nantes gave 39-year-old native of Rwanda. In the crime, he confessed, according to city police.

during the interrogation, he stated that he started the fire in three places: under a big body at a small organ and the electric panel.

the Man was detained immediately after the fire on July 18, but then he managed to justify. After a week he was again detained. According to the investigation, “the arsonist” on a voluntary basis worked at the Church and the day of the fire had to lock the doors. Now he faces up to ten years in prison and 150 thousand Euro fine.

a Fire in one of the largest Gothic churches of France happened on the morning of July 18, it was extinguished dozens of firefighters for hours. As a result, the fire destroyed on the XVII century, stained glass Windows of the XVI century and a painting of the XIX century work of Hippolytus Flandrena.

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