David Hallyday does not emerge unscathed from these months of wrangling and controversy about the legacy of his father. During the highly anticipated interview on Sunday in Seven to eight , on TF1, the singer’s face was dark and seemed to be nervous in front of the camera. He answered 18 minutes of a barrage of questions about his relationship with Laeticia, on the period that preceded the disappearance of Johnny and his relationship with it.

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“I couldn’t tell him goodbye”

David Hallyday sur TF1

“I was surprised because the inheritance it is the proof that we existed with his parents,” he replied to the journalist Stéphanie Davoigneau that enquérait of the reasons of this disgrace. Expressed quietly, the simple fact of the singer is poignant.

What it requires? “The moral right of the four of us [David, Laura, Jade and Joy|, that it could manage its image, at least a right of scrutiny,” recalls David Hallyday. It is “his musical heritage, and nothing of the rest” which is of interest, hastens it to clarify.

“The worst thing for me is that I have the impression that it has soiled its image”

David Hallyday sur TF1

“The hardest thing was to know that there was not a lot of people around who saw him regularly. I didn’t understand why it was necessary that I told me, this is some weird stuff anyway,” says David Hallyday, with a dull resentment for having been treated as a stranger in the month prior to the death of his father.

The day of death, “I spent the day waiting to go back in his office where he was hospitalized. And I have not been able to”, he finally concede with pain. Of the instructions given to the medical staff kept him. “Coming from Laeticia?”, asks the journalist. “Yes,” stammers the singer, without accusing his stepmother of malice. “I haven’t been able to tell him goodbye,” says he, eyes wet.

David Hallyday has left a letter for his father. “When I came the next day, I was told that it was not able to give him or read to him. This has influenced me to the iron. And I think that is the only thing in my life that I’m not arriving to heal.”

Seven to Eight : David Hallyday has not been able to say goodbye to his father – Watching on Figaro Live

relations deteriorated since 2009

Their meetings had declined in recent years, since the hospitalization of Johnny in 2009 in Los Angeles. “I was very embarrassed to see so much world outside the family circle,” explains David Hallyday. I said. I did what I could to ensure that it is less surrounded. […] I try not to remember these moments. It was more complicated to be with him from there.”

The difficulty of his relationship with his father is palpable. “I would have liked more of the report”, he confirms. But David Hallyday has not stopped repeating: “It was a very good father”. And “the music was a strong bond between us,” despite the long absences of the rocker to the four corners of the planet.

“The worst thing for me is that I have the impression that we messed up his image,” growls he. “My father was loving, protective, who adored his four children.”

“It was more complicated to be with him from there”

David Hallyday, about the hospitalization of his father in 2009

“I talk about neither lie nor polemic. There is no revenge. There is love”, proclaims David Hallyday. And remember that “Whatever you say, this does nothing to change what happened”, with a hint of bitterness in his voice.

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David Hallyday does not want to forget about Jade and Joy, the two girls adopted by Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday: “It is difficult to see today. But I told them before leaving that home to me was home”. A message of appeasement on the part of the singer, who wants to prove that he is not at the origin of the fratricidal struggle of the family Hallyday.