For over sixty years, it is a date that the one always awaits with impatience. The output of the next Asterix . The cartoonist Didier Conrad and the writer Jean-Yves Ferri announced in the Sunday Newspaper , this Sunday, 6 January: the 38th album of Astérix will be published on 24 October. After Asterix and the Transitalique released in 2017, it will be the fourth album made by this new duo, who took over the reins of the famous saga from 2013. The title has not been released yet.

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If they do not want to spoil the suspense, the authors can’t resist giving the general framework of this new adventure: “After The Transitalique , which made travel Asterix and Obelix across Italy, we stay in the village”, explains Didier Conrad.

“When you rest at the village, it is necessary to dig out a theme of society, play on the psychology of the characters…”, emphasises his colleague, the writer Jean-Yves Ferri. One sees here Ordralfabétix continue its fish (fresh, no doubt) the blacksmith Cétautomatix. “In an album village, it is necessary to invent many more new characters to create new situations,” says so next to the artist Didier Conrad.

Asterix and Obelix comics, gauls refractory? Board promotional of the 38th adventure of”Asterix”. editions Albert René

“We wanted to take for point of departure the famous “our ancestors the Gauls”…, ” he continues, referring to the idea in vogue in the Nineteenth century to anchor the French identity, which continues to generate many debates. “Except, of course, we don’t know who are their ancestors”.

But the authors do not want to overuse references to the news. “In ten years, everyone will have forgotten Macron, but Asterix, he will always be there,” laughs the designer. A board promotion unveiled by the editions Albert-René is a fun stage school, where Panoramix questions the children of the village on their ancestry.

The Sunday Newspaper unveils the first box of the album, in the form of a storyboard. We see the three characters join up, in the night, the hut of the chief.

“Asterix and Obelix are old boys, of course, but they can still hope to find a soul sister”

Jean-Yves Ferri, JDD

“Asterix and Obelix are old boys, of course, but they can still hope to find a soul sister”, slides Jean-Yves Ferri to a reporter, who asked about the love life of Asterix and Obelix. Will we see the wedding of one of the two? It remembers Obelix falling in love with the beautiful Falbala in Asterix legionnaire . A young blonde woman that had deprived her at the time, the handsome Tragicomix.

the father of The indomitable Gauls, the cartoonist Albert Uderzo, 91 years old, continues to read and make their comments to the two authors. “He sees everything,” confirms the screenwriter. But this is not to say that we made remarks specific on each point. It is in confidence.”

“The album must be finished on the 6th of June to be printed to more than 5 million copies! We have almost completed the sketches, the creative part, it remains only a few corrections in the text, small edits in the designs,” says Didier Conrad. Comic strip, French and more diffused in the world, the previous album had already sold 5 million copies.

44 original plates to the BnF

The famous Gauls was devised sixty years ago by Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny, died in 1977. For the occasion, the editions Albert René want to bang one’s fist on the table. The adventures armoricaines will invade the Comédie-Française for a reading by actors of the house. In September 2019, for the Heritage Days, the national Library of France will present for the first time the 44 original plates of Asterix the Gaul . The Position will offer books to stamp with the effigy of the Gallic. In June 2019, a few months after the reopening of the Park Astérix (6 April), the theme park will host a permanent exhibition dedicated to the universe of Asterix. And throughout the year, an account Instagram will unveil the drawings, unpublished or unknown by Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny.

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ASTERIX: AN ANTI-HERO ? For René Goscinny, there was no question that Asterix looks similar to the Gauls in the History books, tall, blond, and beefy. Small, withered, mangy, here are the character which he wished to imagine the adventures ! A character that we let you discover the first sketches and which, at the request of Albert Uderzo, frustrated for not having drawn the Gauls, broad-shouldered, it will quickly accompanied by a great and strong warrior to the insatiable appetite : Obelix. ASTERIX : A HERO LIKE NO OTHER It was unthinkable for René Goscinny that Asterix would look like the Gauls of history books : tall, with blond hair and sturdy. Small, stunted, witty, that’s the kind of character he wanted to tell the adventures ! A character we let you discover the first original sketches and which, at the request of Albert Uderzo, will soon be accompanied by a big and strong warrior with an insatiable appetite : Obelix. #lartdasterix #theartofasterix #Asterix #Obelix #art #sketch #create #creative #illustrator #cartoonist #scenariste #Asterix 60 #BD #bandedessinee #comicbook #comicstrip #comics #book #ReneGoscinny #AlbertUderzo

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Thanks to a competition on Facebook, users will be invited to a great banquet to the gauls, on the occasion of the release of the next album. With, it is the espera, beautiful pieces of wild boar on the menu.

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