At 78 years of age, Jean-Marie Périer has still the enthusiasm of youth. The photographer continues to distill the memories of the years of yé-yé, that he has immortalized. He has not finished adjusting his accounts with his biological father, Henri Salvador. In an interview with Gala this Thursday, Jean-Marie Périer castigates the attitude of the singer who died in 2008. His indifference only left not unscathed.

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“One day, late in life, he wanted to meet my kids, tells the story of Jean-Marie Périer. And he behaved badly with them. He has made promises, and then farewell!, more news.” Henri Salvador, who had been having an affair with her mother, the actress Jacqueline Porel, at the end of the 1930s, has never recognized.

“For me, it is as if he had never existed,” continues the photographer. At his birth, Jean-Marie Périer is recognized by the new companion of his mother, the actor François Périer. As the photographer we confided recently, he continues to devote an admiration vibrant for this father who has played in front of the cameras of Marcel Carné, Henri Verneuil and Jean-Pierre Melville.

It was 16 years old when he discovers that he is the son of one of the most prominent singers of the time. A friend of her mother refers to Henri Salvador on the cover of a disc slips: “Your father is not your father… Your father, it is he!”, recounts the story of Jean-Marie Périer in his autobiographical book spoiled Child in 2001 ; it was the first time he revealed publicly that paternity.

His reaction is brutal. “In 1956, I decided that I would not be a musician, while it was up here all my life,” he explains in Gala . I then closed the piano. From there, I improvised, I lived as a dilettante.” This improvisation will make him the star photographer of Hi guys , upon its creation in 1962. All the icons of the time are spent in front of his lens, from Mick Jagger to his friend Johnny Hallyday.

An exhibition and a show

A major retrospective exhibition, Memories of the future , is dedicated to Jean-Marie Périer on the Roof of the Grande Arche de la Défense, 15 January to 3 march. It will trace his career through 300 photographs, of which a hundred shots unpublished.

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And the photographer takes his show Flash-Back , for one night only, on 28 January at the Théâtre du Rond-Point. His show is based on such a great shot that punctuated his life. Images that will back into his memories, in search of a lost time that he tells the public.