It begins with a robbery, and it ends with a song performed by Jacqueline Maillan, and taken up by each of the protagonists. Meanwhile, in a time very quickly spun, it will be past a lot of things in this apartment in a mess! It will be mostly spent a lot of the world! For his first piece, Sophie Brachet draws on the foundations of the vaudeville.

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A husband, a fickle and loose (Emmanuel Vieilly), a woman with beautiful authority, angry, very angry (Virginia Stevenoot). No lover, but a closet. A mother-in-law, who dream of getting back on the boards (Marion Game), a young girl, ravishing that breaks the balance of the arguments homeric and day-to-day (Elisa Azé) and a nearby intrusive that think that a certain Ruy Blas is the thief. Geneviève Gil, with a Southern accent pronounced, the lion’s share in this comedy, thought to make you laugh, and laugh a lot.

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Spirits of serious, abstain. The likelihood is the enemy of the delusions. Here, each exaggerates and it is this that captivates an audience of young and old, who enjoys a good heart, and applauds them all of the talented performers caught up in the movement of centrifuge imposed by the author and the stage director and director of the room, Luq Hamett.

It’s simple!

Theatre Edgar 58, boulevard Edgar-Quinet (Paris Xiv).

Tel.: 01 42 79 97 97.

Hours: 19 h or 21 h. till the end of the year.

Seating: from 10 to 25 €.