It was committed, with Max Pécas, the more irregardables nanars of French cinema. The film’s most “famous” of the unpayable Philippe Clair had, in effect, of the securities to panic the flatterers of the New Wave. They fleuraient good the stupre, lust, and especially the fries: Rodriguez the country merguez , Clicks and slaps , but also the cult shut up about you when you are talking about with, at the top of the poster, the inimitable Aldo Maccione.

today these masterpieces of stupidity, these turnips exception are in danger. And despite the attempts of rehabilitation of Nanarland – self-nicknamed “the site of bad movies sympathetic” – they are virtually impossible to find. So that the irreparable is not committed, that is to say, the permanent loss of a heritage delightfully silly that symbolized the free spirit of the 1960s and 1970s, a fan of the genre, named Paul Denis, has been ringing the alarm bell on the launcher of the petition digital on

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Entitled “Editing the films of Philippe Clear in the DVD,” the call of our funny cinephile “nanardesque” has already been signed more than 600 times. It must be said that the argument of the petitioner does not hesitate to appeal to the civic-mindedness of the editors with the vibrant: “the work of Philippe Clair deserves to be saved.”

Although the esteemed film historian Jean Tulard writes in his dictionary of filmmakers “the work of Philippe Clair is incredibly stupid and vulgar”, it remains that the actresses and actors were not afraid to shred their prestige by lending their image for the time of a pochade. We think Annie Girardot, Michel Galabru, to Venantino Venantini, Sim, Alice Sapritch, Jacques Dufilho… Because in the end , like Philippe Clair, they had all the z series, and… the way.

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Click and slapped of Philippe Clair, in 1965, with Annie Girardot, Muriel Baptiste, Mike Marshall, Darry Cowl…

The Führer en folie of Philippe Clair, in 1973, with Henri Tisot, Alice Sapritch, Michel Galabru, Luis Rego, Venantino Venantini….