Russians called to cancel the draft Federal law, which changes the date of the elections from one to three days, and leave a single day of voting. A petition posted on the portal

“We, the multinational people of Russia, the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in our country, against the delegitimization of the elections,” writes the author of the petition.

He believes that the project undermines the system of voting rights and at the same time delegitimiziruet elections as the basis of the free will of the Russian people.

According to him, three days of the election “permit the introduction of corruption in the conduct of elections, undermines the possibility of holding a secret ballot for voters, makes the contradiction between the universal values prevailing in society, and vested interests of the ruling elite” and “contributes to the lack in the political system of mechanisms for the protection of the interests of the masses” and “violates the constitutional rights of citizens of the Russian Federation”.

If you stay a single day of voting, it will reduce election fraud, according to the author of the petition, as well as corruption in the Executive power.

Recall that on July 21 the state Duma adopted amendments to electoral legislation to allow voting in elections and referendums within three days. A survey conducted on the page of the CEC on Twitter, showed that 94% of users against the adoption of the amendments. The survey was removed, and later, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova said: “All the surveys in social networks is a competition for bots who have more bots, and the (wins). Today I will give the order to clean up, because the stupidity. This is not representative”.

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