the Journalist of the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung Marcus Akeret talked to the Russians, whose business did not receive any support during the “coronavirus weekend.”

the Author came to the conclusion that the situation in the Russian economy can hardly be called a crisis, rather it is reminiscent of the deliberate murder of the enterprises of small and medium business.

the Majority of interviewed entrepreneurs have lost hope for any financial assistance, as the official work permit are not allowed to carry them to the “victims of the crisis.”

According to the journalist, among many entrepreneurs to this day there is “horror and indignation at the actions of the Kremlin”, as “obsessed with state capitalism, the Russian government is generous with his help.”

“Paid vacation meant nothing except that employers had to bear all the costs without receiving income and not being able to fire people”, — stated in the article.

Among the most affected areas were and the restaurant business, so Akeret quoted the co-owner of the gastronomy of Moscow Alexei Vasilchuk that back in April on the Youtube channel “Russian standards!” summed up the situation: “This is not a crisis, and murder!”.

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