Known for being a staunch defender of gun ownership, conservative Greg Abbott had just finished recounting how an 18-year-old young man, who “carried evil in his heart”, had shot his grandmother before surrendering in the school, where he killed 21 people, including 19 children. He was shot dead by the police after his massacre, which adds to a long list of killings in the United States, especially in schools.

Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who will face him in the next gubernatorial election next November, stood up and walked to the stage, where Greg Abbott was seated, surrounded by a cloud of officials, including Republican and pro-gun senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, in an auditorium in the bereaved Texas town.

“You say it wasn’t predictable, it was completely predictable from the time you decided not to do anything,” the 49-year-old Democrat blasted. “I stand up for the children of this state so that it doesn’t happen again,” he added.

– “It is time” –

Greg Abbott remained impassive, but the irruption of his rival caused a moment of confusion and tension, the Democrat in turn being accused in a vehement way of “overstepping the line” before being led by the police towards the exit.

“You are a fucking asshole to come to such an event to make it a political issue,” shouted Republican Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin.

“It’s time now. Literally, now,” the Democrat assured reporters, on the contrary, once out of the auditorium.

Since the massacre committed by a far-right shooter in a supermarket in his hometown of El Paso (23 dead), in 2019, Beto O’Rourke has made the fight against firearms one of his major political markers.

“Why do we let this happen in this country? Why does this happen in this state, year after year, city after city?” Asked the Democrat, a time candidate for the presidential primary of 2020.

“Want a solution? Stop selling AR-15 (semi-automatic rifles) in Texas. Want a solution? Implement background checks” for all weapons transactions, he added. .