Of all the parts of Anton Chekhov, Ivanov remains one of the most enigmatic. It is that the character who is named, Ivanov , Nikolay Alexéiévitch Ivanov, is not easily grasped. He escapes. It never ceases to escape. He doesn’t give jack.

What does it tell us about Anton Chekhov? A story that can be summed up, of course. There is, therefore, Nikolay, married for five years now to a young woman who has married for love, and disinherited by his parents since he or she renounced their religion, to his jewish culture. Anna Petrovna is beautiful, sweet, but she is sick. She is dying of phthisis. The doctor Lvov warns Ivanov then even that begins the piece. It would have to go in the sun, rest in the Crimea.

But, already in debt, the husband is not a gesture and, most importantly, admit when this first act that he does not like his wife. It is in the discomfort, the lack of well-being. A deep depression. This does not leave a young girl …

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