At the request of the Elysée palace, the bourdon de Notre-Dame-de-Paris has tinkled on Monday in the late morning, in the framework of the tribute to president Jacques Chirac. Hervé Gouriou, bell expert of the ministry of Culture, has been sought. The ringer of the bells was to sound the death knell manually, to the former, since there are more electrical system to Our Lady, since the fire, which occurred on 15 April. “As the bells are stationary, since the fire, we are going to use a rope to pull the stick to the drone at a slower pace,” said the bell-ringer of the bells at the microphone of France Inter.

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The death knell was heard for the first time since the fire that had partially ravaged the building in the gothic style. A moment immortalized by the journalist Jean-Michel Nagat, who shared the video on his Twitter account.

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The diocese of Paris, has also shared on his Twitter account a video in which we hear the drone sound.

“We have made tinkle manually the drone, the departure of the convoy in the coffin for the ex-president of the Invalides”, a-t-it is indicated to the communication service of the cathedral. It had been some 75 years since the death knell was not sounded as to the strength of the arms. Memory ringer of bells, “the last time we rang the bell manually, it was to the Liberation of Paris”, explains Hervé Gouriou.