The former French president, Jacques Chirac, died 26 September 2019 in the morning at the age of 86 years. His incredible appetite for life, his commitment to the peasant world, his friendliness had not escaped the designers that have put their pencils to make him to tender homage.

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The designer Frizou recalls the historical debate that has pitted the two finalists of the presidential election of 1988, Jacques Chirac and François Mitterrand. Remember, the leader of the RPR attempted to overthrow his adversary: “tonight, I am not the prime minister and you are not the president of the Republic. We are two candidates tied. […] You will allow me so to call you Mr. Mitterrand?”, he said then. The left broadside of the president-candidate did not wait: “But you are quite right, Mr. prime minister…”.

Olivier Menegol would like to acknowledge his affection for the land.

Between black humour and slapstick, Bidu undertaker the man in the optimism unfailing.

like Chaunu…

Xavier Delucq reminded of what Jacques Chirac was fond of bathing in the crowd, and the “clamping of tongs”.

Of its stroke delicate, French mangaka Christophe Cointault celebrates the elegance of the former president.