The legend is tenacious. Jacques Chirac would have been elected miraculously in 1995, thanks to the vote of a youth seduced by its exuberant puppet of the Horns of the Info . This new image, much more sympathetic, will accompany him during his two terms in office. After retirement, in 2007, it will continue, through pastiches of music, and many t-shirts and other vintage objects bearing his likeness.

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The shedding of the image of Jacques Chirac really began around 1993. The Horns Canal +, who have the wind in their sails, decide to take a hero-the one who is then the mayor of Paris, and especially natural candidate of the RPR to the future presidential election of 1995. Piaffant looking forward to climbing one day the front steps of the Elysée palace, the puppet of jacques Chirac repeats to shove almost every night: “Damn, two years!” This spontaneous expression makes him instantly more lovable in the eyes of those who saw in him a man of a right to be too ambitious.

A change of image that seduces

The dialogue writers of the Horns have found there their first role, and will not give it up throughout the campaign. In competition with Édouard Balladur, his “friend of thirty years”, they are going to shape through its cartoon image of a Jacques Chirac almost naive, betrayed at the last moment by the support that seemed unwavering. Finally, the slogan, “Eat apples”, chanted as a leitmotif in each of his appearances guignolesques, will complete to give him a picture of big guy and selfless.

The man in a hurry, ambitious, shaped in its infancy by the line rightist, defended by Marie-France Garaud and Pierre Juillet, his first mentors, is forgotten. A new Jacques Chirac, accents humanists, that of the “social fracture”, has replaced it. In reality, this character revamped, redesigned is the fruit of a long process initiated in 1987 by his daughter Claude, who is acting with him as first counselor in communication. It is she, who in 1987, told him to allow Madonna to give a concert giant in the Park of Sceaux, near Paris. Dubbed the first fan of the queen of pop, Jacques Chirac became an icon of pop culture.

A gesture chiraquienne iconic

The appropriation by the pop culture of the image of Jacques Chirac is a soft aggregate of its representation in comic books, in fashion, in cinema and today in all the diversions video of his gesture, disclosed on social networks. Historically, the first to be caricatured Jacques Chirac were René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, in 1976, well before The Horns , in the boxes d’ Obelix and Company . It appeared in the guise of Caius Preposterous, a “néarque”, the top roman official sent by Julius Caesar in person, to corrupt, to blows of a million sesterces the indomitable Gauls.

today this cartoon acid of Chirac as the “first period” is transformed by the magic of the flow computer in a great effigy of style. By a curious paradox, engraved on millions of t-shirts, the cynical and dashing Rastignac he has become a icon fashion. The “Chi” and ” Che ” Guevera, for less than twenty years, the same combat. To close the loop of the trendiness, the surname of the former president claquera like a flag up in the cinema. The mischievous Franck Dubosc, the redneck with a big heart of Camping (2006) does not hesitate a single moment to call Patrick… Chirac.

the Other current phenomenon, the viral video. The charism chiraquien, would you agree sometimes outrageousness snowmen, seems to have been custom-built for the Web. The people of the Twenty-first century have already looked at millions of times the thunderous visit to Jerusalem in 1996, and the hilarious presentation of the Blue before the final history against Brazil in 1998 of the Fifth president of the Fifth Republic.

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The time and the offspring now have changed the Chirac pressed and ambitious of his youth, a symbol of a rebel. It is true that to see a turnstile in the subway such a vile con artist and know that it was a long-time smoker compulsive the place in the eyes of our contemporaries are imbued with nostalgia as the thurifer ideal of non-conformism. A preposterous eater of apples, a lover of gauloiseries accents of machismo today defended, a devourer of the head of a calf, a drinker of Corona… in Short, a genuine icon of pop culture to vintage fashion.