It is on the heights of the small village of Balagne Monticello (Haute-Corse), that we find Jacques Dutronc. Between sea and mountain, in a quiet absolute, the man lives with his guardian angel Sylvie and a dozen cats. A moment as rare as privileged, under the beautiful sun of February.

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LE FIGARO – You are close to Depardieu?

Jacques DUTRONC. – He was here, there was a very long time with his wife and two children. He spoke of Bobby’s non-stop, it was Robert de Niro, with whom he had to turn 1900 of Bertolucci. He could not stand that I shoot with Lelouch. For them, there was that Marguerite Duras. It was good of him to think like that, the proof: it has been a true journey. It has changed a lot, last time I saw him dressed up as Mickey!

you would have devised in Bertrand Blier also

We met many times, one failed to turn up together but it never happened. In my life, I have often heard the phrase that we say to the people who pass the auditions we will write to you“. Even Truffaut, I said it. “There, I don’t have a scenario that matches, but it will come.“ It is deceit it is. There is one other that I like, it is Mathieu Amalric. I have not seen The deep , but I received the DVD because I also vote for Caesar for years. However, it is necessary that I do so without delay. Last year, they called me, since I don’t have the Internet. I had put Dupontel everywhere, even in the category of “best hairdresser”.

“I would have had to have buddies more young people. Mine are all under the earth, guys. I don’t know what they are looking for…”

Jacques Dutronc

What kind of a relationship do you have with the press?

I was told that I had a funny relationship with journalists, at a time. I had been invited to the journal of Rachid Arhab. I felt that he had prepared a bunch of questions. At the time of reply, I said to him “excuse me, I am very badly parked” and I’m gone. Dead Silence… He didn’t know what to do. He told me then. “It has been a lesson in total humility”.

I had done the same thing for the Grand Chessboard of Jacques Chancel. He had called me Jacques Ducronc. Then, I am avenged. I had spent an awesome show with Mocky and Frédéric Dard. I met a bunch of technicians that I know in the scenes, I go into my dressing room and I see the plateau. I say to my friend “we’re back, we will look at it at home”. There was an empty place, I was quite pleased with myself. These are memories, it. I’ve done so much tv at one time, I was there to laugh my mates are musicians first and foremost. I’ve also done some stuff with this genius of Averty, who had understood everything before everyone else. I have known many people who I have left, alas. I would have had to have buddies more young people. Mine are all under the earth, guys. I don’t know what they are looking for…