For his first coming in the in Avignon, Jacques Weber paces around the Courtyard of the Palace with Architecture , written and directed by Pascal Rambert. It gives the reply to other players prestigious: Emmanuelle Béart, Audrey Bonnet, Anne Brochet, Marie-Sophie Ferdane, Arthur Nauzyciel, Stanislas Nordey and Denis Podalydès (alternating with Pascal Rénéric) and Laurent Poitrenaux. At age 69, Weber, unforgettable Cyrano, familiar from Molière and Beckett, is embarking on a new adventure.

LE FIGARO.- That is the Court of honor for you?

Jacques WEBER.- This is a place full of history, symbolic. When one is on the plateau, under the stars, one realizes that there is something of the order of mystic. At the same time, the report stage-room is not so overwhelming. I have long refused to play when the stands were very high and the sound was not good. At the outset, the Festival of Avignon, it is a love at first sight between a place and a man, Jean Vilar. The gauge was very small in the Court, there …

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