It is on the platform of online sales Amazon that the release of the fourth album of James Blake, Takes Form (Mercury/Universal Music) has been announced. More specifically, on the French version of the site that offered the pre-order the disc in advance. An error quickly corrected, but which has had the effect of moving the output of a week. Reached by telephone at his home in Los Angeles, the musician prefers to have fun. “Tell them to contact me if they have other important news to communicate to me, it’s for a friend”, quips he.

If it is installed in the megalopolis, california for the past four years, Blake has lost nothing of its british humour. “I feel perhaps even more English than before. The climate is better and life is easier for the vegetarian that I am. But I do not lose my focus so far,” says he, in fine intonation london.

In a little less than ten years, this genius has established itself as one of the major figures of pop electro …

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