James Blunt has not stolen its reputation of a prankster. Rather quiet on Twitter these last few weeks, the former military has recently cracked a joke that did not go unnoticed.

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on Thursday, he posted a photo of the journalist of sport Faye Carruthers, accompanied by the caption: “Many of you have asked me what I was becoming.”

On this shot (as opposed to other), the similarity between the two Britons is striking: the same pale complexion, bright blue eyes, brown hair, and especially cheekbones.

The young woman has tasted the joke and it was quickly retweeted the interpreter of You’re Beautifu l , commenting: “I don’t know if I should be mortified or if I need to applaud.” Faye Carruthers has surfed on the wave, tweeting a little later: “I was never told I was beautiful,” followed by a émoji hilarious. And it is not the only one to have reacted that way because the message of the singer has been “liked” 53.000 times and over almost 6 000 times.

Customary jokes on Twitter

James Blunt is not its first shot of clown on the internet. The singer who has met a huge success in 2005 had posted a video of him in a stroller where he asked his fans how they were his or her last-born child… before revealing that the interior of the cradle was in reality his last disc!

The artist should soon be back with a new album and several concert dates in France at the end of the next winter.