James Bond is carried on the dive bottle. Three years ago already Le Figaro had already pointed out the addiction to alcohol the best agent of her very gracious Majesty. While it is good to try to forget about the worries of her hard profession: spy: brandy, sherry, champagne, cocktails and a variety including the famous Vodka-Martini mixed in the shaker and not the spoon…

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today the medical corps, who is worried naturally of its health, decided to help this sick man who ignores. A group of medical doctors passionate about the saga of 007, has just published in the serious journal Medical journal of Australia , taken up by our colleagues in the World , a study on the addictive behavior and its consequences on a patient who, remember, has a license 00, which authorizes it to kill his enemies.

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of course hunt down relentlessly for more than a half-century of the wicked XXL, despicable, sadistic, polymorphic as Blofeld, Shark, Drax, Goldfinger, Odd Job, The Figure…creates a state of stress that the seemingly-invincible hero fight by getting drunk. In a word, for him, alcohol is an outlet. This remedy doubtful obviously has consequences on his health. On several occasions the heads of MI6, upon the note. In Ever again, they force him even to follow a detox he’s going to follow it too free. Unable to fight against this trend, Sean Connery does not hesitate to hide bottles intoxicating in his suitcase that he classes with a nurse, seduced, by the depressive to the irresistible charm.

It must be admitted that, despite the barrels of vodka ingurgités in the course of its missions, the beautiful James does not seem to lose the address legendary – his Walther PPK never misses his target – and his tip incomparable. The australian doctors are amazed at the incredible tolerance to alcohol. The man bafouille never the same after having drunk six Vesper – an explosive mix of gin, Lillet, vodka, lemon-flavoured – in Quantum of solace .

Why Bond can’t be reasonable? To his credit, his father, the historical novelist Ian Fleming, has created in his image. Because, he must forget that the alcoholic beverages were considered in the very chic English clubs as a vice which could be made under.

If for the moment the liver of the agent 007 is resistant to this infernal diet, the doctors moviegoers australians think that in the long term it would be good that he accepts, finally, to heal. To persuade Bond, today Daniel Craig, to finally move to the clear water, he who believes Victor Hugo, that “man is divine, because god only made water, but man made wine”, the scientists now want to alert his superiors. The thing will not be easy. No one has forgotten that M, his revered patroness, the charismatic Judi Dench, not neglecting ever to serve a small glass… to try to flee, too, the pangs of this world. His successor, Ralph Fiennes, will he be the first to know how to implement abstinence in order to give finally a beautiful example of his best agent?

James Bond: Vodka Martini… shaken not stiired ( the shaker, not the spoon)