The beautiful Ninth of Beethoven as Marek Janowski, a month of his eightieth birthday, has just finished at the Auditorium of the Maison de la radio, we were not only raised, it was moved and impressed. Moved because see the German conductor at the head of the philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France, it returned to celebrate a reunion nostalgic with one who has been the music director from 1984 to 2000. Sixteen glorious that have permanently changed the status of this orchestra which, until then, considered as the “training B”. Patiently, Janowski worked in the great trainer of the orchestra, and performed a thorough job, giving up his pride in the “thoughts on mozart”. Highest Point: the Ring of Wagner, in 1986, the time of rocking where the ugly duckling has conquered its place among the great.

Since then, the orchestra has been profoundly renewed, and there are still many elders who have experienced the era Janowski, the musicians entered to the “thoughts on mozart” over the past eighteen years …

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