The 20th edition of Japan Expo opens its doors from Thursday 4 July to Sunday 7 July. This is the perfect opportunity for many visitors to complete their collections of manga or to start new series. Teams of editors will be present on their stands to advise the visitors, however, Le Figaro has selected five new nuggets highlights.

BL Metamorphosis : an unlikely friendship

related in delicacy of Kaoru Tsurutani, perfectly suited to his work. © Kaori Tsurutani 2018 / KADOKAWA CORPORATION © Kaori Tsurutani 2018 / KADOKAWA CORPORATION

Can we discover to 75 years with a passion as all-consuming as unlikely? For Yuki, one of the two heroines of BL Metamorphosis, the answer is yes. The chance of his life, Yuki buys a manga to the cover intriguing. In reading home, she discovers the universe of the manga “BL”. Understand the Boy’s Love, a genre that deals with romance between boys. Be charmed by this discovery, she returns the next day to the bookstore to buy the sequel and meeting the young Urara, bookseller at half-time and fan of the genre. A friendship develops between the two women, despite – or perhaps because of – all their differences.

BL metamorphosis, editions Kioon, 7,90€.

Tokyo Revengers : change the past to correct the future

And if the members of the Manji-kai were not “just” thugs? TOKYO REVENGERS © Ken Wakui /Kodansha Ltd. TOKYO REVENGERS © Ken Wakui /Kodansha Ltd.

At the age of 26, Takemichi has lost faith in the future. Between his studio shabby, his job prospects and his love life non-existent, it has the impression of being on the margins of society. By chance he learns of the death of Hinata, his girlfriend of the college, collateral victims with her brother Naoto is a settlement of account-house at the Tokyo Manji-kai, the gang was the most violent of Tokyo. Stunned by this sad news, Takemichi is found on the subway tracks… But instead of dying crushed by a train he wakes up twelve years back, when he was a young loubard at the college. He then gives a mission to save Hinata from this dismal future. To do this, Takemichi is going to have to infiltrate the higher spheres of the strip offender who composed the Manji Kai. Intrigue, manipulation, science-fiction, feelings that are exacerbated by a youth on the margins of society, revenge, love, betrayal, these are the ingredients that make up this explosive cocktail that is Tokyo Revengers. Written by a former loubard, this manga exudes sincerity and will reach beyond fans of the genre “furyo” (offenders or bastards).

Tokyo Revengers, editions Glénat, 6,90€.

Hi Score Girl: a declaration of love in video games

Akira is playing the PC Engine, while Haruo fever is nailed to the bed. ©2016 Rensuke Oshikiri/SQUARE ENIX Mana Books

the Beginning of the 1990s. The young Haruo is not interested in teaching at the primary school. It is taken up by the fever of video games. Walking down the halls of arcades as soon as his schedule or wallet allows it, it is the local champion of Street Fighter and the best player of his band mates. At least until the day where he was defeat by Akira, a fellow classmate as discreet as brilliant. Haruo the expansive and Akira the introverted will find themselves around their common passion for video games. This duo of quirky leads the reader in an ode to the retro, signed by the master’s hand. Available on Netflix as an anime, this manga will be several years before arriving in France. Due to a rights issue, blocked by the various companies of video games. But the wait is over and it is time to dive with delight into this manga made by a fan of video games.

Hi Score Girl, editions, Mana Books, 7,90€.

The Way of the deck: the grotesque conversion of a yakuza boss in a man at home

Tatsu with his mine patibulaire to be more difficult to convince municipal police officers that he is not a Yakuza… GOKUSHUFUDO © Kousuke Oono / 2018 SHINCHOSHA GOKUSHUFUDO © Kousuke Oono / 2018 SHINCHOSHA

The life of Tatsu has radically changed the day he met the love. Under the influence of his wife, he is now put away. Hard to be a man at home when there was the armed arm of a gang leader, nicknamed Tatsu, the immortal. Even when he puts his deck ridiculous, it is hard not to have chills in front of his mine patibulaire and its appearance of a yakuza. A contrast that will generate a good number of misunderstandings in a life as crazy as crazy. This title, as improbable as it is unexpected, leads the reader to giggle in laughter. Situations grotesque, the passion of Tatsu, the stoicism of the women in the home feed brilliantly a manga where no gag falls flat.

The way of the deck, editions Kana, 5,95€.

Jump – the golden age of manga: a deep dive into the back-shop of the largest magazine manga

editions Kurokawa

of Course, this book is not a manga but it’s hard to not recommend this title to all readers. The vast majority of the hits that have disrupted the market and have allowed him to cross the borders of the japanese archipelago were born in the Shonen Jump. Mazinger (the ancestor of Goldorak ), Cobra, Dragon Ball, Olive et Tom, Cat’s Eyes, the Knights of The Zodiac or Nicky Larson … All of these cartoons that have rocked the childhood of the generation club Dorothée are from the pages of this weekly mythical dedicated to the manga. Hiroki Gotô joined the drafting of the Shonen Jump coming out of university in 1970 (the magazine was born in 1968 and celebrated last year its fifty years). He will become the editor-in-chief at the end of the 1980s. In its heyday, the magazine was pulling up to 6.5 million copies per week. Hiroki Goto back on these years in the largest magazines of prepublication of manga and book not only a witness to the scenes of the writing but also the founding principles of the magazine and the potential key to a phenomenal success and global.

Jump – The golden age of manga, éditions Kurokawa, 18,90€