“When my business partners left Japan in 1999, they returned amazed by its culture. Decision was taken to spread all the wealth. On the strength of this ambition, we have organized, in June 2000, the first edition of Japan Expo. It has attracted 3000 visitors,” remembers Thomas Sirdey, co-founder, with Sandrine and Jean-Francois Dufour, of the great mass of those who love the culture in japan that famous until July 7, its twentieth edition.

Twenty years later, the third living area behind those of agriculture and the world of the self, in terms of attendance daily, earns a round of figures mirobolante. Most of 243,000 visitors in 2018, 16 scenes of concerts, hundreds of guests, 146.000 square meters of space dedicated to the four days of festivities. The Japan Expo reign supreme on the influence of japanese culture in France and in Europe.

Manga, video games, animation, films, concerts, cosplay, traditional arts, gastronomy… …

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