Japan has announced the second wave of the coronavirus in the background of lifting the quarantine

New cases of infection with coronavirus is fixed in the Japanese city of Kitakyushu with the weakening of quarantine measures.

the Mayor Kenji Kitahashi said about the second wave of the epidemic and noted that experts are trying to track a new round of spread of the disease.

recently, the city has identified 43 cases of infection and two focus — in school and in the hospital.

In the near future in the region are closed again 119 social and cultural sectors, including schools, museums, libraries and cinemas.

“If one word to describe what is happening, I assume that the city is the second wave,” said the mayor in the broadcast channel NHK.

the Mayor urged to refuse carrying out of mass actions and to limit classes in elementary and secondary schools.

Meanwhile, the Governor of the Japanese capital Tokyo Yuriko Koike announced further easing of restrictive measures. Since June 1, the city will open gyms, theatres and shops. This Friday, for the first time in two weeks the number of infected per day exceeds 20 persons.

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