Japanese rocket headed to Mars with a probe that belong to the UAE

the Japanese carrier rocket H-IIA was launched to Mars with the space probe UAE “al-Amal” (“Hope”). The launch was performed from Baikonur on the island of Tanegashima, it has been broadcast on Twitter first Mars mission Hope Mars Mission.

the Launch took place after a five-day delay due to adverse weather conditions. In Japan more than a week were torrential rains that led to landslides and flooding. In the end, the launch was delayed from 15 to 20 July.

the Probe was designed and developed by Arab experts, will explore the upper atmosphere of Mars, as well as to monitor climate change, making flights around the planet. According to calculations, he should arrive to Mars in February 2021, when the UAE will celebrate 50 years since the founding of the state, says RBC.

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