“The oceans need us”: the Spanish actor Javier Bardem has called on Monday, in an impassioned plea at the united Nations headquarters, the signing of an international treaty to protect the oceans of the planet. Fierce defender of the environment, Javier Bardem is involved in a campaign for the environmental organisation Greenpeace aimed at the creation of a global network of marine sanctuaries. Before the session, he laid alone in the middle of the passers-by in Times Square in New York with a poster of the organization with a whale and proclaiming “protege los oceanus” (protect the ocean).

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“Our oceans are at breaking point and we are all in part responsible,” he said at the tribune of the united nations, calling on the representatives of the international organization to act “here and now”.

‘too many empty seats”

The Oscar 2008 for best supporting actor, for his performance as a killer without mercy in No Country for Old Men regretted the “many empty seats” in front of him. “The oceans belong to all, but their future is now in your hands”, he insisted before being ejected in the first film of his expedition to Antarctica with Greenpeace in the last year.

The Spanish star has also made several allusions to the 7th item, “We’re all villains,” said the person who takes it regularly this costume in the film. But in real life, “there is no Dwayne Johnson (hero of action movies) to save us.” Javier Bardem has regretted the decision of us president Donald Trump to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change: “We can’t live in denial”.