Between genre literature and screenplays for film or tv series, the heart of Jean-Christophe Grangé balance. So much so that after having adapted several of his novels to the screen, it makes for the first time the reverse. His new thriller, The Last Chase , a gripping plot in story of murder in the Black Forest, which just came out in the bookstore, is drawn from a scenario he wrote for the series The crimson Rivers . A series of which the season 1 was aired, last year, on France 2. Man of words in the style imaged, the French pioneer of the thriller modern was marked from its beginnings by the world of cinema. After the publication of his first book, The Flight of the stork , in 1994, a book which had at first only a modest success, the producers asked him to write scenarios.

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“They spotted my writing as cinematic,” says Jean-Christophe …

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