A column for a show in a small parisian theatre of less than 100 seats? You guessed it: the blow of heart is genuine. On stage, Jean-François Novelli, accompanied by a pianist (in turn the Roman Worth and Nicolas Royez). Subject: Jean de La Fontaine. Not the fabulist genius, who with his animals portrayed his contemporaries, but this one, less known, who crunched the scenes of daily life in a very figurative way and full of humor.

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Jean-François Novelli has selected a dozen with titles as earthy as How the mind lies to girls , The maker of ears , The villager who had lost her calf or The raccommodeur mussel . In terms of songs as satirical, the directors draw usually in the repertoire of songs with double-meaning before the war. It is therefore a delight to rediscover the verve teases of The Fountain, which crunches with always as much passion and through humans. His abbess who said “no” to finish off by saying, “yes”, or the evil of the love that is “more stringent” are irresistible.

Jubilant, moving

in Short, the look popular in-the things of life, sometimes with one eye a little below the belt. The setting in music of Antoine Sahler is exceptional and in line with the rhythm of the verses. Sometimes tango, sometimes a waltz, sometimes romance. Jean-François Novelli portrays perfectly all these characters, the good sister to the lover unfazed. Tenor baroque training, the actor sings the tunes of his voice is at once powerful and subtle; it changes the voice tart as is too often in nightclubs these days.

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We appreciate so much the notes as words. And most of all, you will discover a Fountain outside the norms, crisp, tireless observer of society and its shortcomings, and of the pranks of the little people. The whole is jubilant, and sometimes very touching. As to the staging, she is sober and intimate: one has the impression to be received in the living room of Jean-François Novelli, who we share it The Fountain that he loves so much. We also.

Croustilleux The Fountain, Unloaders (Paris I), until the 22 December (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), then on tour.