the war of The candidates took place, it ends finally after weeks rather feisty. Franck Riester, our new minister of Culture, “in full agreement with the selection committee and the Board of directors of the school”, has decided to appoint Jean de Loisy at the direction of the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (ENSBA). This announcement was suspended after the virus attacks on the course of this candidate to whom everything seems to succeed, which has been criticized for his pedigree (he was born John Plaice of Loisy of Arcelot) , his age (61 years), family relations, museum and art, Anish Kapoor to Hiroshi Sugimoto (network however essential to know about a school, and advance its students), its current commitments (he is a commissioner with the teams of the Palais de Tokyo the next Biennale de Lyon in the fall of 2019).

Jean de Loisy will take office in the first days of the year 2019, announced the Ministry of Culture, Wednesday, December 12, an official press release… released at lunch time.

The selection committee constituted for the recruitment was composed of two representatives of the ministry of Culture, Eléonore de Lacharrière, president of the Board of directors of the school, Alain Fuchs, president of the University of PSL, and of three personalities from the world of art, the artist Anita Molinero, the director of the Giacometti Foundation and the Institut Giacometti Catherine Grenier and the curator and critique international, Christian Bernard.

good source, Le Figaro knows that this candidate, known from South Korea to Argentina, from the Château of Versailles, where he orchestrated a beautiful winter Journey with Alfred Pacquement in 2017, has attracted the unanimous vote by the jury for his in-depth knowledge of the history of the Beaux-Arts in Paris, his charisma, a strong desire to make shine again this place undermined by the lack of well-being, and finally out of the internal debates based or assassins, who have been due to its predecessor, the artist Jean-Marc Bustamante.

Her journey is eloquent, to the point that it has been criticised as a privilege of class.

President-director of the Palais de Tokyo since 2011, Jean de Loisy has accompanied the reopening of the institution which became the greatest centre of art in Europe and confirmed in a few years his status as a temple to the experimental of the French artistic scene. The current Carte blanche that he has entrusted to the argentine artist, Berlin, Tomàs Saraceno, is a splendor to both conceptual and sensitive, and an immersive experience that captivates all audiences.

François Morellet, James Turrell

A reputation he has conquered little by little, by his energy as a judoka, courtesy of gentleman, and his tenacity of an entrepreneur, as in a long game of cultural strategy. Jean de Loisy has exercised successively the positions of director of the Frac pays de la Loire, inspector to the creation of the ministry of Culture in charge of public order in the historical monuments, the deputy director of the museum of Nîmes, curator of the Fondation Cartier and the Centre Georges-Pompidou and director of programmes of the Mission 2000.

His work as a commissioner has led him to present exhibitions of Jean-Michel Alberola, Philippe Hatchet, François Morellet, Georges Rousse, James Turrell, Allan Mac Collum, Fischli and Weiss, Franck Scurti, in France and abroad. He has been curator of Monumenta Anish Kapoor in 2011 at the Grand Palais. He has also designed large exhibits very noticed because the original, dense, literary and kaleidoscopic: The Beauty of Avignon , Traces of the sacred at the Centre Pompidou, The Masters of chaos at the musée du quai Branly, Jacques Chirac, or The Wind after to the ENSBA.

“course at the service of art, artists and the public” has led to a proposal for the School of Beaux-Arts”, a project unifying, coherent, and ambitious, leads with the teams of the school, and resolutely turned towards the students”. It wants to “reposition the image of the school, so that it becomes a place of desire for the students, thanks in particular to the quality of its teaching and its pedagogy, to the emergence of new artists. It will be a place of transmission of the art and a gateway to professional life. It will consider the dimension of the gallery as a place of conservation of an exceptional collection, museum, publishing house and iconic landmark”. Finally, Jean de Loisy will enrich the network of the School to open to strong partnerships and new collaborations in France but also in Europe.

Case to follow, necessarily.