The room stood a single momentum. Come to the “Thank you! Thank you!” on a background of crashing happy of applause. Frail, supported discreetly by Denis Podalydès, who offers his personal notes to the memorable evening, surrounded by musicians, beautiful companions, Jean-Louis Trintignant seems to be amazed at the warmth of the welcome. The great accordionist Daniel Mille slips suddenly behind him, hand this strange instrument white, with its black and white keys that looks like far to a big harmonica. It is an accordina. He plays a few notes in the ear of the actor. Everyone hears and bursts then a “Happy birthday!” sung by the thousands of spectators to the beautiful auditorium of the Theatre of the porte Saint-Martin.

Trintignant wobbles, very moved. But the smile is radiant. He leaves this swell envelop the entire scene, and then suddenly, like a child who has something to say, he raises the finger. The room is silent: “Our comrades …

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