After the scandal of the Bouquet of roses soon installed in the gardens near the Petit Palais, Jeff Koons is at the heart of the controversy because of his work representing a pig. The tribunal de grande instance of Paris ordered Thursday the plastic surgeon for “infringement” of a 1980s advertisement for the clothes Naf-Naf, which was the famous animal emblem of the brand coming to the rescue of a woman in the snow.

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In a piece of porcelain called winter , founded in 1988 and briefly exhibited in Paris in 2014, Jeff Koons had copied in a way that deformed this image. Franck Davidovici, the designer of the visual advertising of the same name, had described the work of the “slavish copying”.

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The artist’s controversial, his company, Jeff Koons LLC and the centre Georges Pompidou, which has exhibited at a retrospective of sculpture, porcelain and the visual artist, have been sentenced to pay, jointly and severally, 135.000 euros in damages and interests to the ad, Franck Davidovici. The advertising was first claimed 300,000 euros and the confiscation of the sculpture.