Thin, smooth, elegant in his suit, gray gloss, legion of honour in the buttonhole, Jeff Koons, 64 years old, looks more like a clergyman than a star contemporary with the renowned hard cash that auctions have crowned “the living artist most expensive in the world”. Meeting very civilised for a few days of the inauguration, in his paris gallerists Emmanuelle and Jerome de Noirmont, who have brought the project from its birth in the context was quite diplomatic in the fall of 2016, passed with him some months of a controversial French are extremely bright and are about to inaugurate, by his side, on October 4, the monument of more than 60 tonnes, with the base understood.

LE FIGARO . – How have you lived this violent polemic against you and your Bouquet of Tulips ?

Jeff KOONS . – This saddened me. I thought that there were a lot of misunderstandings and bad information, and people have therefore reacted to a situation that was not accurate in his presentation. But given the importance of this project, from its initial idea that …

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