“I am drowning under the press, it is-said, photos that do not reflect anything, from my children, my ex, I’m not sure who will be next”, was singing Jenifer in Hey Jen, , the title of his last album, New Page , released in October 2018. A gentle manner and the arts of fight with the paparazzi, that she complained about for years. The artist comes, however, to be swept up in a conviction to be coming to the hands with one of them in 2017.

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whilst she was shopping in a clothing store in the capital in the company of his assistant, Jenifer, and have worn various shots of a photographer. According to the magazine Public , the man claimed he was “grabbed by the collar” by the singer’s partner and to have received “a punch in the face”. The latter would be the output then in turn to the store for him hair-pulling and kicking him in the foot, while the victim was still on the floor. After The Express , the couple quickly recognized the facts from the authorities, before explaining to be harassed by this man “for six months”. On his account Instagram, the promised The Voice Kids had posted a message to reassure its fans and to denounce once again the actions of “these rats, their hunts and their assault permanent”.

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Everything is going well and I am not in custody 😉 !!! This goes too far. It is exhausting these rats, their hunts and their attacks permanent.

A publication that is shared by Jenifer (@jeniferofficiel) on 2 Feb. 2017 10 :31 PST

After a visit to the emergency room, the photographer has filed a complaint against Jenifer and his companion. A case in which the tribunal de grande instance, paris comes to rule in favour of the victim. The couple has been sentenced for “violence in a meeting that does not result in more than eight days of ITT” to a fine of 2000 euros with reprieve, as well as 1,000 euros in legal fees and 500 euros in damages and interest to be paid to the civil party. After a year 2017 particularly challenging (killing of his uncle, involvement in a fatal accident on the road, tour canceled…), Jenifer declared the following year on the set of C , on France 5, will be served to music as my outlet. “This does not permit me to reconcile myself with [the paparazzi], but put my turn light on”.

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the One who sung have been “damaged” by “the flash” seems to be able to turn the page on this case. To the poster of the annual concerts of the Enfoirés that end just, Jenifer will perform on stage alongside David Hallyday Thursday to les Arcs for a free concert given by M Radio.