The singer Jenifer, known for winning the first edition of Star Academy, has tersely clipped a spectator during his concert at Saint-Louis (Alsace), on Saturday 3 August.

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Then she had to remove her high-heeled shoes on stage, a man shouted at him: “And the shorts also huh !”, reports 20 Minutes.

A sentence that has not supported the sworn-in of The Voice (TF1), who replied : “Pardon ? It’s going to go to you, you’re very serious ?! You’ll get my guys, you’re on the wrong show. You know what he said to you my shorts ? “You go out”. Have a good evening. No, but I dream !”

and Then add : “It is as if we were criticizing the girls in skirts there, what is this thing. Kind Balance your what”, in reference to the title of the artist Angela. “We dress as we want. Pants, skirt, shorts, long dress, veil… There is no law, especially on this stage”.

A response which led to cheers in the crowd. The singer has sent a last time to the individual, asking him : “You rediras more ? You rediras more to a girl ? In addition, there is your wife-to-side. Not the’huez not, I’m sure it is the awkwardness”.

The scene has since become viral on social networks.

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