His film was part of the most anticipated of the week. On 13 June, the international Animation film Festival of Annecy, Jérémy Clapin and his team came to present I lost my body , in the race in the feature films category. After a screening of rich emotion, concluded by a standing-ovation in the hall of the cultural centre Bonlieu, the developer of 45 years, the project has been awarded the audience award at the critics ‘ Week at Cannes last may, has agreed to answer our questions.

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LE FIGARO. – How did you feel seeing your film projected in a packed room at the Annecy Festival?

Jérémy CLAPIN. – It was incredible. I come to Annecy from the last century! I first went as a spectator, when I was a student, and this is where I decided to do the animation. I discovered the short film, all the variety and all the proposals that we could have in the middle. My first short film has been selected, then my second… I always had the impression, during the production of my films, to have line of sight to the Annecy Festival, in the room of Bonlieu. This was not the goal, but it was involved in motivating me to finish the project. And when one brings a film like I lost my body here, knowing that it is highly anticipated, it mark me and will leave me lasting memories.

what your film is-it is necessary for the animation called”adults” to be more legitimate?

In fact, I believe that animation has always had a difficult time settling in this territory-there, in the audience of so-called”adults”. That fact that there are only a few films every three or four years that come to advance this cause and to surprise the spectators who see animation as something for young people. There are some films like Persepolis or Waltz with Bashir to remember that the animation can also be used for a about mature. A lot of animated films are considered movies for adults because they are about the war. But I find that it is important, as is often the case in Japan, to have films that speak of daily life, to tell a story adult without having necessarily need to be in a context of war.

Why have you sold the rights to I lost my body on Netflix?

I think that Netflix has seen in this movie something different. I don’t want to talk about their name, but I believe that they want to get the animation for adults and be able to show something different from what it is currently done in the animation. For me, it is a super surprise to be in their catalog, because it encourages risk-taking. You should know that this film was made with little means. My producer, Marc de Pontavice, has put a lot of his own money in it, and to know that the feature-length film comes out on the platform makes this process viable. Then of course there will be a theatrical release in France, there are still territories, there will also be outings in the United States. I am very excited because this will allow you to be able to show to the greatest number.