All was out of the norm for Jessye Norman, The singer, the woman, her life’s journey. And if the opera had a hall of fame, it would have its place at the top. Passed away at only 74 years old died of sepsis, she enjoyed a popularity that went far beyond the world of opera, probably because, in it, the human being was the artist, which is not so common.

“you may need to work twice as hard to show that you are as good. It is a fact of life. But you can do it. And you gotta do it”

Jessye Norman

Stand up straight and sing! The title of his autobiography (published in France by Fayard) uses the words that he said to his mother, when the child began the study of singing. Reflection of a strict education where we do not have the right to commiserate about his fate. Not all the predisposed not to become one of the greatest glories of America. Born September 15, 1945, Augusta, ga, she grew up in Georgia, segregated, and racism is the backdrop of his childhood and a subject of ongoing discussion for the family: “Every image of African-Americans dispersed by fire hoses and chased it …

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