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Jesus, Marx, de Gaulle… the giants of History become the hero of a novel

Thirst , In Amélie Nothomb: Jesus, human, all too human

Amélie Nothomb is a novelist-born. His books are live tables where characters abound. Among countless creatures high in color, she is even offered the luxury of staging the Creator. This boldness, however, is not the author of Metaphysics of the tubes a theologian patented. God is in the detail and she likes to paint in large strides, walking to the ear, such as other work in the canon. We guess she chooses certain words for their own sound. This is a trick it took. The formula of sense, the erôs of the truth that doctors medieval sought in the holy books, the author of Epic prefer the meaning of the formula.

No matter. God the Father and Jesus of Nazareth, his son, are not objects for belgian novelist. These are topics, characters who express themselves equally well in the …

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