After Comic Con San Diego, which has been the scene of major revelations about the phase four of the Marvel Cinématic Universe (MCU), it is the turn of Paris to host the most anticipated event for fans of comics. To delight aficionados of the genre, the publisher Panini comics has announced via a press release the coming of the creator of Thanos, the titan madman who led the hard life the Avengers in recent years on large screens. Jim Starlin will be present in the autograph session during the whole duration of the event, from 25 to 27 October at the Grand hall of la Villette.

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A designer that has marked DC and Marvel

This writer and cartoonist who knew how to get a place in the hearts of superhero fans of all franchises combined. He began working for Marvel in creating the characters of Drax, Shang-Shi (which will be introduced in the next phase of the MCU), and of course Thanos. In 1982, he created the first graphic novel of the “House of ideas”: The death of Captain Marve l .

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But it is at DC comics that he will express all his talent in becoming scripted, one of the adventures of the most well-known of Batman: A death in the family . A story that tells of the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin.

His return for Marvel, it will be in 1990 with panache. It is he who has built Thanos to the series of the silver Surfer. An addition that has led to the trilogy of the most well-known of the Marvel universe and one that has inspired the latest movies in the MCU: The Gauntlet The Infinity War The Infinity Crusade The Infinity.