It belongs to a part of the experimental music pushed to its limits. Both composer and musician, John Zorn, it is the avant-garde man, which examines all the borders, from free-jazz to rock, the music of the film. An exploration learned that he continued within his jazz group Masada, his label Tzadik and his new-york club The Stone.

” READ – children of the jazz

The genius of the music produced this year in Europe and in the world in the form of a concert in new “Trivia Marathon”, short works for orchestra (about 15 minutes each, all of which can last up to four hours) composed for ensembles belonging to different musical currents. With these compositions, the ambition of this messiah of 65 years is to build a community, a kind of Noah’s ark to the contemporary creation, very well attended by many fans.

LE FIGARO.- How is born the project of the “Trifles …

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