It must be several hundred people to rekindle the fire . On the occasion of the festival of music The Elysiks of Saint-Quentin Saturday, many fans and 379 guitarists are given an appointment at 14h to play in unison The music that I love , the composition of their idol, who would have been 76 years old this day. The group was led by Norbert Krief, the former guitarist of Johnny Hallyday and co-founder of the group Trust.

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“It is a great moment of happiness to find friends,” said Krief at the microphone of France 3 Picardie. The former driver and bodyguard of Johnny, as well as members of the Desperados, the former group of bikers, were also present at this tribute.

The tube is born of the friendship between Johnny Hallyday at the author and composer Michel Mallory. Before seeking refuge in the United States after her break up with Sylvie Vartan, the singer asks his friend to him compose songs for his next album. The air of The music that I love came to Mallory of a sudden, in the fall of 1972, while he was in his childhood home, in Corsica. On his return to Paris, Johnny adopts the song right away, adding the bridge, the chorus. For words, he speaks extensively of his break-up with Sylvie Vartan, and asks that the song resembles his life.

“I have written the text of The music that I love in 10 minutes. This is a scam absolute because it has not changed a word, tells the story of Michel Mallory on France Inter on December 7, 2017. I had transformed into a sponge. I was looking at his life, and I was trying to get as close as possible to his feelings, his resentment. I had grown to know the words he would say never. And the words he loved to say,”

For the festival of The Elyziks, it is a box full. Not only the participants win the world record for the number of guitarists performing together, previously held by 368 guitarists indians, but they have made a tribute unforgettable rock star. “I think he wanted to be with us, I have come to spend an unforgettable time, I cried,” said Amédée Zapparata, president of the festival de Saint-Quentin.