The great Zoa decided to let him speak Les p’tits papiers of its memory. Rhonda publishes the Mouth of night (Flammarion), a collection of his memories gained during half a century, to the time when she was – in exécre the title – the queen of the nights of Paris, Rio and Monte Carlo. The singer in paris, who will celebrate on December 26, his 89th birthday, we invited over the pages to spend unforgettable moments with the most famous misfits of the morning. This Who’s Who of the most illustrious party-goers of the Twentieth and Twenty-first century begins with the portrait of Pierre Palmade that has prefaced his submissions by making him a beautiful declaration of friendship: “Rhonda, after having been the friend of the whole earth, is ultimately, like all of us, the friend of a few people. I hope to be a part of it”.

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“The King smiled, and then stretched out his hand to Johnny, red as a peony, the rewarding of “good luck, kid”…”.

Rhonda dansGueule night

Aided by the euphoric effect of a bourbon , a gin or a glass of champagne, around Régine was what is still called the all-Paris, all of Paris international come here and elsewhere. The first chapter of his memoirs tells the story of the one and only meeting, at The Calavados, between Johnny Hallyday and his idol, Elvis Presley: “It was the King, the beauty of the devil that is curved in a beautiful uniform. I made myself known and I presented Johnny as the best rocker in French stating that it is Elvis who had given him want to sing. The King smiled, and then stretched out his hand to Johnny, red as a peony, the rewarding of a “good luck, kid”…”

This secret revealed is a golden nugget, as Roberta had promised Johnny to never speak of this meeting. But today she has decided to break his oath to, she confesses, that “the legend of this sacred monster that was Johnny to be even more beautiful”.

Each chapter tells the lives the night of the greatest artists of our time. In the clubs “Chez Régine” on four continents, and always with Régine the globe-trotting, met all the artists of the gotha. The list of personalities that make up this upper room is impressive: Michael Jackson, Mike Jagger, Andy Warhol, Elton John… But also Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, Barbara, Françoise Dorléac…

A friendship rare with Simone Veil

The friends of Rhonda are not all entertainers. The story of her friendship with Simone Veil is especially touching: “… Yes, like millions of other women, Simone Veil was the example that gave me the desire to overcome and win all battles of life”.

The success has not turned the head of the creator of P’tits papiers , the song written bespoke for her by Serge Gainsbourg: “I’m Rhonda from Belleville, where I was born”. The singer is really happy to be on stage. She has already made an appointment to its fans, from 24 November to 6 January. In a “Chez Régine” ephemeral, she will sing again, let it burn les p’tits paper, rice paper or Armenia one night they can paper corn warm you up…

*Mouths of night , the memory of Régine Flammarion, 227p, 18 euros

waiting to see Régine on stage, Le Figaro provides you with images of their two most famous songs: Les p’tits papiers and The great Zoa .

Les p’tits papiers of Serge Gainsbourg, created by Régine

The great Zoa of Frederic Bottin, created by Régine