The record label Sony/EMI has demonstrated patience. But, this time, it is finished. The folder of the show The Idol of the Young in tribute to Johnny Hallyday intended to the poster for the Casino de Paris at the end of 2019 is now in the hands of his lawyers. The editor of the title The Idol of the Young and the representative of the publishers of the original version written and composed by Jack Lewis pass to the action.

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According to the lawyers of Sony/Emi, to have the right to use this song as the title of his show and, therefore, to incorporate in a new work, producer David Michel would have had to ask permission and also pay a fee. More precisely, Fenix Corp, the company that produces The Idol of the Young and of which he is the representative would have had to do. This company, founded in September 2018, is owned by two entities based in Luxembourg: Immo Corp and Y2C Entertainment LLC.

According to the documents available at the registry of Luxembourg, Immo Corp is managed by Jean-David Bickel, a business man of Sarreguemines while Y2C Entertainment is co-managed by David Michel and his partner, Pascal Faucet. In addition to the salaries of the artists currently auditioned for The Idol of the young , Fenix Corp has to pay for the expenses of the presidency of Y2C Entertainment at the height of 12.800 euro per month.

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in Addition to Sony/EMI, David Michel (*) also has problems with Laeticia Hallyday and Sebastien Farran, manager in charge of the quarry posthumous rocker. These last are strongly opposed to the show The idol of the young . The announcement of this show by David Michel, barely six months after the disappearance of the singer has strongly upset. After testy exchanges in the media interposed, they have asked their lawyers to pursue the battle in the courts. “A process is underway but not yet active, said Sébastien Farran. We will do our utmost to ensure that this project solely mercantile does not see the light of day.”

Sébastien Farran and Laeticia Hallyday was also opposed to the other two shows related to Johnny Hallyday on this winter: one of Sylvie Vartan who will sing on the 23rd of October at the Grand Rex, and that of Jean-Baptiste Guegan, winner of France has an incredible talent M6 . This Breton, a 35-year-old is scheduled in not less than six Highest. Other dates are already announced in 2020, of which the Seine Musical in Paris, on 19 January. For the production of The idol of the young , these two shows competitors are to be taken into account. The fans are not going to be able to buy tickets to three shows.

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To David Michel, contacted several times by Le Figaro since December 28, 2018, but who did not respond to our solicitations, the troubles do not stop there. It is caught by the bankruptcy of his previous show Hit Parade where he resurrected on stage, Claude François, Dalida, Sacha Distel and Mike Brant through their holograms. The Tribunal de Grande Instance of Metz, on the 12th of march next, there will be a trial that takes in the breath of the little world of the musical and, more broadly, in the performing arts. In front of the judges, and fifty musicians, dancers, devotion and fervour, technicians, sound, video operator, technicians, lights, actors and stagehands are asking to be paid for their work on Hit Parade . “The amounts claimed are 250,000 euros 350,000 euros damages and interest,” commented the lawyer of the employees, Sandra Renda.

David Michel, who produced this show via the company Flower Power Productions is indirectly concerned by this lawsuit. It opposes the fifty employees in the court appointed liquidator of Flower Power Productions, the SCP Noel Nodee Lanzetta.

“The employees who worked on the show Hit Parade are of good faith. They have performed their services and were denied other employment contracts. It should be taken into account.”

Sandra Renda, attorney for the employees of Flower Power Productions

Founded by David Michel on 19 November 2015 Flower Power Productions has almost immediately been in cessation of payments. Retroactively, the judges have set the date to December 1, 2015. For all that, beginning 2017, the show is showing at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. At first, the reception of the criticism is icy but the producer is launching a tour throughout France. It must take place from April 6 to June 18, 2017. As attendance continues to fall, only 18 of the 39 performances scheduled will take place. The last show takes place on may 20, 2017 to Bordeaux. On may 31, the TGI Metz pronounces the judicial liquidation of Flower Power Productions. The liability is estimated at 9 million euros. Normally, in the event of insolvency of a company, its liquidator requests the guarantee fund to settle the unpaid wages. But not this time. The liquidator believes that David Michel has signed the fifty CDD in the midst of “suspicious”, a period during which he could not ignore that he committed his company well beyond its capacity to cash. No question in this case to push on the State and to pay such salaries with public money. To the liquidator, the CSD shall be considered invalid. The dancers, singers and other sound technicians don’t understand. “Why should they not be paid when they have fulfilled the conditions of their work contract? They are of good faith, points out Sandra Renda. They have performed their services and were denied other employment contracts. It should be taken into account.”

Interviewed by the Le Figaro , the representatives of the SCP Noel Nodee Lanzetta do not wish to speak. The trial opens on 12 march at 14 hours at the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Metz. There is no doubt that Sébastien Farran and Laeticia Hallyday will follow it closely.

another arm-wrestle court in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg opposed the SACD at H. I. P. E (Holographic International Productions Entertainment), the luxembourg company, David Michel, who had signed the contracts, copyright and contracts with the rights holders for the Hit Parade. For the SACD, it was to recover the rights of authors are not paid on this show. Last week, H. I. PE has filed for bankruptcy. The claims will therefore not be paid. The Luxembourg address of H. I. P. E is the same as that ofe the company Y2C Entertainment created for The Idol of young people. Has the SACD, it was surprised that the script of The idol of Young people has still not been filed in its database. That said, David Michel, who is the producer but also the writer of this show is not obligated to do. The Sacem, there is another subject of astonishment: the title of the opening Hit Parade is credited Gérard Daguerre on the album digital but credited Theo Adam on the physical album. No Theo Adam does not figure in the register of the Sacem. That may well be hiding behind this nickname?