In 2017, Jordan Peele, half of the comic duo of afro-american Key & Peele, breaking the house down with Get Out . A cocktail of clever humor, horror and political. In this modern version of Guess who’s coming to dinner… , a young Black man met the parents of his girlfriend blanche. Voters Obama look very benevolent. Only in appearance. Right in the advent of Donald Trump, Peele was pointing with a beautiful insolence, racism, and the roots are the slave owners of the american company.

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Two years after, here is Us , his second feature film, the highly anticipated. And already, the blow of failure (inspiration). A horror movie that’s banal to cry, without the salt of the satire or the vista policy.

US [VOST] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

Jordan Peele Universal Pictures

Peele imagine here a middle-class family, african-american holiday. The mother (Lupita’nyong o) has suffered a trauma when she was a little girl. We discover through flashbacks. In the meantime, the family must cope with his double degenerate. Peele is merely a slasher laborious, and by multiplying the accessories (the mask, the scissors, the golf club) and winks (Carpenter, Hitchcock, Haneke). There is nothing to worry about for the hyperactive Peele, who signed in 2019 more series as writer, director and/or producer, including the Weird City , a kind of Black Mirror – tinted black comedy, now available on YouTube Originals. Would it be passed so fast Get Out to the burn-out?

Us Horror of Jordan Peele with: Lupita’nyong’o, Elisabeth Moss… duration: 1: 59.