Saturday, may 18, 13H30 – All of your umbrellas! The rain is invited on the French Riviera. It will take more than this to discourage festival-goers. Like all days, a compact crowd squeezed in front of the gates of the Palais des Festivals. They are many to hold signs, in the hope that a generous soul deigns to offer them an invitation to one of the screenings of the day. Today, these beggars of the lovers intend to get a place in the Grand Théâtre Lumière to discover The lake where wild geese (Diao Yinan, and The Piping of the Romanian Corneliu Porumboiu.

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With their films gangster against the backdrop of a love story thwarted, the two underdogs could surprise by earning a spot in the top next Saturday. This will appeal to Quentin Tarantino, preview this afternoon in the room to discover the work of his counterpart and chinese competitor. At the entrance of queues, each of its prognosis. Of the seven films screened, Les Misérables (Ladj Ly) and Sorry We Missed You (Ken Loach) and Pain and Glory (Pedro Almodovar) seem to collect the most votes.

Yesterday, the Spanish filmmaker was presenting his film alongside actors Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas. The Hidalgo embodies Salvador Mallo, a director in suffering, in a series of reunion, mixed with his childhood memories. A beautiful film about regret and the creation, which might allow it to Almodóvar to pick up his first palme d’or.

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Stéphane Batut dream of shiny metal, too, with quicksilver . In the evening, the filmmaker and his team have invested the cinema the Arches to defend his first feature film, programmed in the Acid (Association of Independent Cinema for its Distribution): a story of love between Just (Timothy Robart), a ghost and Agatha (Judith Chemla), a young single mother. With poetry, Batut imagine a romance in a film shot mainly in the Nineteenth arrondissement of Paris. The whole is magnified by a soundtrack romantic.

gratuitous Violence

Ah, one would go to a bit of nostalgia on a symphony of Rachmaninov. What we do regret the Nicolas Winding Refn of antant. The filmmaker seems to be lost for several years. Only God Forgives and Neon Demon , the sulphurous last two feature-length films from the director of Drive (prix de la mise en scene at Cannes in 2011), were of the beautiful outputs of road. Yesterday, the Danish had two episodes out-of-competition series Too Old To Die Young , was broadcast on the platform Amazon Video, next month.

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worn by Miles Teller ( Whiplash ), it follows from the hired guns is dreaming vigilantes: they eliminate rapists, pedophiles and thugs of all kinds. Refn, who is known with the ultra-violent Pusher in 1996, hand free wheel, zigzagging between murders bloody, pornography and provocation to the utmost. Trying to be too esthétiser the violence, the filmmaker seems to be lost in a pastiche of a bad Lynch. Or worse, a parody of itself.


A sword-stroke in the water for NWR. Perhaps should learn from Garry Kasparov’s what a master-stroke. The former world champion of failure came on the Croisette to promote the manga Blitz , a creation of Cédric Biscay on the strategy game. Its purpose? To popularize the discipline at a young public. “This is a little detour from my usual activities,” says the Russian, who has just returned from a lounge VivaTech in Paris. The idea is to show, in a speech very direct, that chess can help teens achieve their goals in life.”