Sunday, may 19, 8: 45 a.m. – It then! Antoine de Maximy on the Croisette. With his camera strapped to the torso, the backpacker would be sleeping well at Carlton. Or du côté de chez Swann Arlaud. The actor from Thanks to God came to promote Partridge . Such a pan, he shows off proudly his badge “yellow jacket” on the jacket of his suit, at the top of the terrace of a hotel in cannes. In the toilets of the Palais des festivals, Vincent Lacoste holds the door. Where did the lady pee? Outside, no offense to the feminists, a crowd of customers ranting Alain Delon, come to collect his palme d’honneur. “Alain, we love you”, is launching its groupies to the “Samurai”.

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But the waves of love that awakens the actor of the Cheetah are nothing next to the tidal wave Robert Pattinson. Festival-goers have eyes for the former vampire of Twilight , tipped to become the future Batman. Pattinson has lost his complexion is pallid from blood-sucking. Today, the cannes public discovers him in blackface as a marine alongside Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse , a feature-length horror Robert Eggers, director of the thrillers The Witch. The thirty-year sports a mustache to blush Freddie Mercury.


It is complete. Impossible to enter the projection room of the cinema on The Croisette, where is programmed the film at the directors ‘ Fortnight. Even with 40 minutes ahead, we are firm barriers under the nose. Sorcery! The old vampire has charmed the Croisette.

unless it be the witches of Gaspar Noé! The enfant terrible of the Cannes film presented yesterday evening his short film of 50 minutes, the Lux Aeterna projection of midnight. There are Béatrice Dalle and Charlotte Gainsbourg, on a film set. The first improvised film director, much to the chagrin of its producers. The second prepares to ascend the pyre.

Gaspar Noé and his witches Charlotte Gainsbourg and Béatrice Dalle. ShootPix/ShootPix/ABACA

The Italo-Argentine opens his film with black and white images of witch-hunting. And scrolls through quotes from its filmmakers, and authors ‘ favorites. “When I am under pressure, I become a dictator” (Fassbinder), “the filmmakers of today are undead, their cinema looks like” (Jean-Luc Godard) or “Thanks be to God, I’m an atheist” (Luis Buñuel).

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Noah puts the spotlight on its idols. It is a tribute to the seventh art, the invention of the Lumière brothers. And uses the witches in a scholarly setting in abyss. A filmmaker who wants to be an artist needs to “mark his claws, a work which is artistic,” said Dreyer. Noah knows it. He delivers an ode to chaos, out of control in the last ten minutes with epilepsy. Attention to the eyes. On the way out, he needed sunglasses to protect themselves from the light of day. The film-maker of Enter The Void is blinding.

… and gangsters!

This year at Cannes, the crime pays. The proof is in the press conference the Lake of the wild goose, a thriller in which Diao Yinan auscultating contemporary chinese society following a drug dealer and a prostitute, both immersed in a hunt for the man. “The film noir is an exercise style which brings a lot of dramatic tension,” explains the director of Black Coal . By combining these two elements, we can address the problems within the chinese society.” “This film wanted to capture an anti-utopia, exploring feelings mysterious, which only exist in gray areas.” Love, maybe? “The relationship of the two main characters is complicated, he says. These are two souls very lonely. I’ve chosen not to let them express themselves in words, but rather in action, in order to capture the delicacy of feeling between the two.”

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Just as complex, the relationship between Cristi and Gilda, the two protagonists of Piping by Corneliu Porumboiu, presented Saturday evening in competition. He is a cop. It scam with the drug traffickers. She is in cahoots with the hoodlums and the addresses at the foot of his home. This femme fatale is ready to do anything to recover the millions hidden by the mafia. Even to play with Cristi. “I have not had too much difficulty playing this strong woman, my face and my body have helped me a lot,” said his interpreter, the beautiful Catrinel Marlon. Its beauty would dwarf almost that of La Gomera, Canary island, which is home to a part of the Piping . And makes you want to sing like a nightingale.

Catrinel Marlon is the cooing of the photographers on the Croisette. Marechal Aurore/Aurore Marechal/ABACA