Journalist Ilya Azar demanded an end to the mayhem with arrests on the picket lines

the Journalist Ilya Azar has demanded from the Russian authorities to stop the practice of police detention of people on a single pickets. The petition, posted on the website signed more than 2 thousand people.

Azar recalled that from the end of may, the police regularly detain people in solitary pickets, as soon as they deployed their poster, although it is the only form of protest that does not require the consent of the authorities. “It’s chaos, and until recently it was not,” he said.

Azar also points out that links to authorities on the risk of coronavirus infection because of the pickets untenable: in Moscow has passed festival at the red square Victory parade, vote on the amendments, restaurants and beauty salons. “Against this background, possible risk of pickets just seems absurd,” he writes.

the Journalist points out: it is clear that it is not in the coronavirus, and that authorities decided under the guise of finally to destroy the freedom of Assembly and freedom of public expression of their opinions. The participants of the pickets detained and fined, and two of the picket, “you will be sent a month in the detention center with a shower once a week and the right to use the telephone for 15 minutes a day, and after three of the pickets you may even be in prison”.

“It generally is normal? What threat to society carries the person with the poster? He has violated, to prevent? I demand from the President of Russia, his administration, power structures and law enforcement agencies to comply with the laws of the Russian Federation and to cancel an unspoken decision to detain people in solitary pickets,” writes Azar.

He recalls that the right of Russians to hold peaceful protest is enshrined in article 31 of the Constitution, even in its “zeroed” version. “The meaning of a single picket in the immediate reaction to the injustice and lawlessness that is taking place in Russia, alas, more often. Pickets — liked it.tionary folk and always a genuine response to injustice. And that’s why he infuriates those who sit at the top,” says Azar.

He also points out that currently the popularity of the “picket line”, when people with banners follow each other, is not a mass event and does not require the consent of the authorities.

“Even if tomorrow will be a new explanation of the Supreme court (which in our country is difficult to call an independent), it hardly convinces me that the picket was illegal. Because it is not. Do not bring the people to the limit, give them the opportunity to protest peacefully and without weapons,” he concludes.

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