Judge: Appointment Degtyarev in Khabarovsk — the result of the agreements of the patricians, the plebeians have little interest in them

the Kremlin has not relied on the decrease of protest in Khabarovsk, when he appointed a new head of the region instead of the disgraced Governor Sergey Furgala, the Director of the Institute of contemporary state development Dmitry Solonnikov. As explained by the expert in the comment to the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, the personnel changes have solved another problem.

“they Agree because his equal: the patricians the patricians, the plebeians with the plebeian. Therefore, the administration of the President interacted with Zhirinovsky, and not with the protesters in Khabarovsk. Those most distant from the Kremlin and are a little interested in,” said the analyst.

He suggested that the head of LDPR has put forward its own demands. In Moscow has made concessions, because I think the problem the risks of the faction of the state Duma, or protest voting members on individual bills.

“And the performances of the festival? Sooner or later they will come to naught, according to the logic of the Kremlin. Gentle cold of winter to protest will be unpleasant. The beginning of the conflicts in the regions, the presidential administration, apparently, does not consider it a problem, why it is not responding,” suggested Solonnikov.

he predicts that tensions will only rise not only in the Khabarovsk region and the country as a whole. “And this is connected not so much with the personnel policy of the Kremlin, as with socio-economic problems. It’s summer, the mood of the people quite relaxed. But the fall problems will intensify. How will Moscow react to it, is another question,” — said the expert.

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