there It is. The month of December is here. With him, the traditional year-end lists. Spotify and Deezer will open the hostilities in 2018. The platforms of streaming were published Tuesday in the ranking of the most listened artists by their users in France. Not surprisingly, rap and hip-hop reign supreme on the podium, confirming the trend observed over the past several years. On Spotify, Damso is the highest ranking of the artists with the most “streamed”, totally dominated by the “urban music”, in front of Ninho and Jul, followed by Vald, Dadju, Booba et Maitre Gims. Side albums, out of tune Vald outperforms Mafiosa Artist and Djadja by Aya Nakamura.

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Questioned by AFP, Nicolas Roy, head of editorial at Spotify France, stressed that the rankings of the platform were marked by “a greater diversity, generational, even if hip-hop remains the genre most listened to by young people”, more and more users who have exceeded the 25, 30 or 35 years, joining the platform. Where are the breakthroughs of artists blending pop, electro, rock, such as Therapy or Taxi Angela. Aya Nakamura, between hip-hop and variety, also illustrates the renewal of genres in which it operates.

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Side hip-hop, the Belgian Damso is “clearly the artist of the year”, and “some artists have helped to open this kind on the targets that are more adult and more feminine”, he says, referring in particular to Lomepal or Romeo Elvis, “which have a different writing and reach an audience more adult.”

In addition, according to Nicolas Roy, “the French artists are selling more and more international, including when they sing in French rather than English”. Electro remains the genre most appreciated abroad in the French creation, with David Guetta, DJ Snake and Daft Punk. As for Chris tine and the queens), it is most popular in the Uk than in France.

For its part, Deezer emphasizes that”as in previous years, the rap dominates overwhelmingly, all of the tops plays of the French platform”, with the reign of Jul continues the artist remains the most listened to of its users from 2015. He is ahead of Damso, Maître Gims, Dadju, Ninho, Booba, Vald and the Artist. Failing to appear in the “Top 10”, Aya Nakamura is at the head of the female artists on Deezer, and his tract Djadja is the 3rd song most listened to.

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In terms of albums, Gentleman’s 2.0 of Dadju managed to beat black Belt of Master Gims and Lithopédion of Damso in Deezer. In addition, the streaming service French reports that four artists among the 100 most listened to by its users this year from its program of support for young talent, Deezer Next.

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