Since the closure of the Museum of Louis to the Cellar in 2017, the former castle of the family Funès, more no place that was dedicated in France to the genius of the comedy. Faced with this situation preposterous, and to respond to the requests of many fans of the actor, his granddaughter Julia took the bull by the horns by deciding to find a new place dedicated to the memory of his grandfather. This is Nicolas Bouzou, the co-author of the last book of this philosopher, The Comedy of (in)human , who’s going to put on the path to Saint-Raphaël, a resort town of Var situated not far from Saint-Tropez and its gendarmerie.

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After a meeting exciting with the mayor of the town, Frédéric Masquelier, the decision will immediately be taken to re-create the Museum of Louis de Funès* Saint-Raphaël. To give a soul to this new little paradise cinéphilique that in the words of Julia de Funès will “to be cleverly thought out, entertaining and elegant as was my grand-father”, the project will very soon be entrusted to a specialist in the design of cultural place, Clementine Deroudille, herself a granddaughter of Robert Doisneau. One owes him in particular the staging of the very caught the eye of two exhibitions dedicated to exceptional artists, Barbara and Georges Brassens. His ambition? Tell the truth of an actor who, according to his words, did not want to become a great comedian like Chaplin or Keaton, but a good comedian.

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