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Julie Ferrier, queen of foutraque

Julie Ferrier should not be a big traqueuse. She greets her public at the place Charles-Dullin. “In rank, two by two, watch for cars, don déconnez not the day of my first!” shouts t-it by confiscating mobile phones. It changes a little bit the atmosphere around Sami Frey playing Beckett in the middle of winter.

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once the audience returned, the investment is free – a rare thing in the Workshop. As in any feast. A(e) young married(e) of 90 pounds falls in love with a man-cheetah. It, often unrecognizable, connects the zany characters: the diva, German, Barbie plastic, the director of the theatre, the cagole…

An audience member wins the grand prize of the raffle: a dog savant. Just a pretext to serve a few moments later obstacle to a cascade in-line skates. There is cross-dressing, slicing, chic, sophisticated and bad taste assumed, the atmosphere of the musical comedy, the Prince sung in French, and many other skits inétiquettables that there is no lack of salt or pepper.

Julie Ferrier has drawn in a huge dressing-up trunk to carve a cabaret foutraque, more foutraque as cabaret, which doesn’t care about the rules, but still maintains a uniqueness unstoppable. The humour, the craziness, and something in all this which is similar to the pure freedom.

To my place you Ferrier what? Theatre Workshop 1, place Charles-Dullin (XVIII e ).
Tel.: 01 46 06 49 24. Hours: of the mar. sam-21h.
Up: 34 €. Duration: 1: 30 . Until 31 juil.BOOK >

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